MSc MBW - Master Molecular Biosciences

The Master’s Study Programme in "Molecular Biosciences" was established by the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the Goethe University Frankfurt in 2010. The Master’s Study Programme in Molecular Biosciences starts at the beginning of each winter semester (mid-October). The Courses will be held in German and in English so knowledge of both the German and English languages is required. Applications are invited from national and international students.

The major objectives of the Master’s Programme:

  • Its focus is on research based science,

  • Provision of broad and intensive training focussing on the general molecular aspects of genetics, biochemistry, developmental biology, physiology and cell biology,

  • Intensive courses with special emphasis on the different methodological and conceptual fields are offered to talented national and international students holding a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) from the various fields of the biological sciences.

For the Study Programme and the list of modules click ; for Admission Regulations click .

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