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Frankfurt Cancer Institute: Goethe University awarded funds for new cancer research institute

Goethe University has a new LOEWE Centre under its belt – together with its own research building that is planned for completion by 2023. As announced on 29 June, a good € 73.4 million are being made available for this purpose.


Frankfurt physicists set limits on size of neutron stars

Comparison of billions of theoretical models with gravitational waves results in the answer to an old riddle.


Does inflation put poorer households at a disadvantage?

Economists at Goethe University Frankfurt show that inflation in Europe is more burdensome for low income groups.


Thorny life of new-born neurons

The hippocampus is a critical region in the brain for learning and memory. For the first time, scientists have observed how stimulation causes the spines on its neuronal dendrites to enlarge.


Asian tiger mosquito on the move

Scientists at the Goethe University and the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung predict further spread of Asian tiger mosquito after comparing invasion history and ecological niches with yellow fever mosquito on several continents.


Complementing conventional antibiotics

Discoveries about one of Legionella’s enzymatic weapons leads to new strategy for fighting bacteria.

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